Foost – First Knife

Reuben loves to watch me cook in the kitchen, and is a big fan of holding tongs, flipping pikelets with his mini spatula and stirring up batters. He has a learning tower that gets him up to bench height, and he can spend hours hanging out with me in there. Of late, he has become a bit of a fussy eater, yet if he helps me cook the food, the likelihood of him eating it seems to increase. So Foost First Knife to the rescue! This knife allows Reuben to help me prep fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, and guess what – the other day I caught him eating a cucumber after he had chopped it up! This is unheard of – I haven’t seen him eat a vegetable that was undisguised in six months!!! 

This knife is safe for little fingers, while still cutting food and designed for 2+ years. Reuben had no problem using it, though we have started with relatively easy to cut foods like strawberries, banana, a peeled orange and cucumbers. He also absolutely loved the hat and apron that came in the Kids Mini Chef Pack, and after we finished our prep of fruit and vegetables we made some pikelets, and he wanted to keep wearing it! I also love that the knife is dishwasher safe, meaning I can just throw it in the wash when we tidy up everything else.

I work in the food industry and I think anything that helps get kids in the kitchen and involved with their food is a massive positive. This is a well-priced kitchen item, that kids will love and would make a fantastic and useful present.


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