Floral Wall Decals – Blond Noir

When I first discovered we were moving back into our family home (one we bought years ago and rented out until we needed the space), there was one thing I was most excited about – decorating the girls’ room. We agreed they would share from the get-go, to make things a little easier on us (there were two rooms upstairs and another two down) with everyone being close together. This meant I could combine all their gorgeous things and create a beautiful room for both of them at the same time.

There was one utter must-have that I had been dreaming about since Cassie was born – and that’s the gorgeous flower wall decals from Blond Noir. Every time I saw them tagged on Instagram, I felt another pang of jealously. They looked so gorgeous and perfect, and given the way I had gone with the girls’ décor, I knew they would match beautifully. But it is hard to explain just how gorgeous they are in person.

I had my mum helping me stick them on the wall, as it always helps to have one person sticking while the other is working on the design. Peeling them off was so easy – my mum even commented on the quality of the decals (she has renovated about 20 houses of her own and knows what she is talking about). Sticking them on was even easier – the tricky part will be teaching the toddler she can’t touch them – wish us luck!

Each flower is so beautifully detailed and really adds a stunning pop of colour into a room. Each flower and leaf is stuck on individually, which means you really can have a bit of fun with the design – making a feature wall like we did, or choosing to stick them all over the room. With plenty of gorgeous designs to choose from, be sure to check out Blond Noir.


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