Flower Wreath – Blume Decor

I am a big fan of the florals. I am surprised that I actually didn’t get into them more when Cassie was a baby. But when she turned one, I got a gorgeous floral letter made for her that still sits pride of place in her room, and that became my inspiration for her room makeover. We are a few months short of moving into our own home, with a nice big double room for the girls to share. For me, this was the perfect excuse for a complete room makeover, and I wanted the florals to feature.

While I started off with a colour palette, I then shared this with Amy over at Blume Decor and let her work her magic. I simply sent a few photos of what I was planning for the rest of the room, and a week or two later this shows up on my door step. It is big, it is beautiful and it is the perfect statement piece I was after. I can honestly say the whole process from start to finish was so easy on my part (which is exactly the way I like it chasing after two little bubs). I know, we haven’t yet moved, but there was no way this beauty was staying wrapped up in it’s box until then. It is currently making a statement on the wall above our change table and both girls are in love. Vivi can’t stop staring at it each nappy change, and when Cassie goes to sleep she always points it out to me, so I simply tell her to watch the flowers as she falls asleep. And just like that she lets me leave her room!

The colours are just divine and they can be done in any combination (which is the best part!). From love hearts to circles and beach inspired versions, Blume Décor will customies any order for you to make sure it fits perfectly into your chosen space. And who knows, maybe once we move I might steal these flowers for my own room!


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