On Trend Kidz – Fox Shoes

There is a lot of debate about putting shoes on babies too early, but when they have older siblings, and it is wet or cold and they want to be crawling and toddling around outside, it is hard to keep them in barefeet or socks alone, so the next best thing is a nice soft sole early walker style shoe. There are so many types out there, but they don’t come much cuter than this pair from On Trend Kidz. These fox shoes are not only practical and robust, but also lightweight and adorable. They are modelled by nine-month-old Liam, who was so happy in them he cried when his mum tried to take them off!

Some of the great features of these shoes include the ears which give the shoe its personality, but sneakily also make pulling the shoes onto little feet very easy. They also have a strap over the mid foot ensuring that the foxy shoes won’t fall off when your child is crawling or toddling around in them. The shoe is made from cotton so easy to wash with a soft EVA base – similar to what is on the sole of your gym shoes, this keeps them light weight and non slip. These are an easy-wash shoe, however they would need to be air dried due to the rattan detail which may fray in the drier.

The foxy shoes sadly only come in smaller sizes, but are available in three colours, so you can mix and match to suit your little one’s wardrobe, and have a spare for when one is in the wash. They are must have for your little one’s wardrobe.


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