Frozen backpack

Frozen II – Smiggle

I am both crazy excited and super scared about the upcoming Frozen II movie. I have TWO obsessed little fans who can’t get enough of it. Vivi is 2, and copies everything her big sister Cassie (4) does, so Frozen mania is currently on high alert in our home.

So why am I scared? Because the merchandise is already sweeping its way into stores and the girls want it all. I have learnt to embrace it, and have let the odd piece slip it’s way in. One of these is the Anna backpack from the newly released Frozen II range at Smiggle. We received this gorgeous Anna backpack and its the perfect compromise. Cassie gets her Frozen fix, and we are covered for a daycare and day outing backpack. A win, win!

It’s extremely functional and is very roomy, so I don’t have to worry about space for daycare things. Theres a drink holder on the side, a front section for those smaller items and a name label on the back.

Cassie’s eyes lit up when she saw this waiting for her at home, and she now asks me to plait her hair just like Anna’s each day. I think she is most proud of being able to take this bag to daycare and show it off to all her equally Frozen obsessed friends.

Plus, Smiggle has a huge range of pens, pencils, textas and every fun piece of stationary you can imagine. Cassie is equally obsessed with drawing and colouring in, so we have a few sets in our home, and they get used day in and day out.


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