Fuelbox – Conversation Starter

Date nights, romance and uplifting conversation have a tendency to get pushed aside once one becomes a parent, however to be great parents it is important that couples stay on the same page, and in touch with each other. Aaron and I have only had one night away from Reuben since we had him nearly 2 and a half years ago, but we do take time out to go out to dinner or a movie, or have a pseudo date night once Reuben has gone to bed. Our date nights do tend to revolve around us sitting on the couch, eating takeaway and watching a movie, which isn’t great for discourse. So last week I suggested we have dinner and take Fuelbox for a spin.

Fuelbox is a curated set of 170 questions broaching a wide range of topics to help stimulate conversation with in this case your partner – however there are also boxes for team building, leadership and families. The couples box broaches topics such as love and romance, spare time, work and career, sex, opinions, attitudes and values amongst others. To have proper conversations with Aaron, I tend to have to corner him on a long car trip or a plane flight. I have to warm him up to the conversation – where as with the Fuel Box we were able to get onto to some light and fun questions and then broach some other topics.

Unfortunately again for me, one of my favourite and least favourite traits about my husband is that he is very relaxed and calm and doesn’t take many things seriously – so some of his questions to the game didn’t quite provide the answers I wanted! Hahah We are going on 8 years together, and 5 years married, and over the week have been through quite a few questions, a few which actually gave me some added insight to Aaron and how he perceives our life together. It makes a great conversation starter, and is a new hit in our house for stay at home date nights.


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