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I was adamant when I first had a daughter that we would never pick gender specific toys for her. Sure, her room was pink, we bought her dresses and dolls made their way into our home, but so did cars, trains and diggers.

Cassie and Vivi were more than excited to get stuck into this dump truck and easy-to-build digger!

CAT Dump Truck

I have no idea whether it is just my kids, but they ALWAYS have to have something on their heads. We have some plastic fire hats from a trip to the fire station, and they are one of the most used toys in our home. Now we have this hard hat, and there are fights! They love popping it on their heads and parading it around the house.

Vivi has taken to the dump truck really fast, for the simple fact she loves to dig! We have made it an outdoor toy, which means she is allowed to fill it with sand and water to her heart’s content, and there is nothing more Vivi loves to do. She gets down on her knees and pushes it along, chucking all the rocks in our garden into the back of it, while Cassie teaches her how to lift it up and pile them out again. It’s big, it’s sturdy and it’s so fabulous for outdoor play.

CAT Easy To Build Set

This set is definitely geared at Cassie’s age, and what a great time she had putting it together with her dad! It comes with your own mini screwdriver, which was Cassie’s favourite part, and she hasn’t let go of it since. The digger itself was fairly easy to assemble, although impatient Cassie likes to think she knows better than the instructions and wanted to keep jumping ahead.

But she was able to do the whole thing on her own, with just a little guidance. And she is pretty proud of that – as she should be!

Whether you have an adventure loving boy, or a little girl who likes to roll up her sleeves or get constructing, these toys are just perfect for encouraging outdoor play, fine motor skills and imagination!


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