Globber EVO Comfort Scooter

Scooters are a favourite in our home. We got Cassie her first scooter when she was just 18 months old and she has loved it ever since. It gets played with daily, taken to the park and we now have play traffic lights set up in our backyard to make it even more fun. Vivi is now 20 months old and the fights over the scooter have started, which is why we decided it was time to get Vivi her own Globber, and we couldn’t go past their EVO Comfort.

It has all the bells and whistles you could ever want when it comes to a scooter. It comes with a seat that has three adjustable height options, which is just perfect for Vivi’s little legs. With the support bar at the back, we can push Vivi along, or she can ride herself, depending on her mood (and ours!). When she is ready, we can switch the seat out into a three-wheel scooter with a handle bar that can be adjusted to four different heights to grow with her – recommended up to nine years of age, how amazing is that!

Cassie loves her Globber and it’s a well-loved brand in our home. Two years later and Cassie’s scooter is still going strong and basically looks like new, with very little wear and tear, and we know she is going to get plenty more years out of it. We are in the process of teaching Cassie how to use the break, and how to steer by leaning in the direction she wants to go. I love watching her learn and grown with the scooter.

Vivi is pretty happy she now has one to call her own. For now, she is too little to get the steering or the brakes, so we follow her and help her out, but the important thing is that she loves it. Plus, her gross motor skills are great, with her little legs pushing her along.

The girls ride them together up and down our driveway (often switching scooters between them for the novelty of it).


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