gnome cottage

Gnome Cottage – Folkwood Studio

We have recently gotten into Small World play in our house and it has been a huge hit with Cassie. It started slowly with little bits and pieces along the way, before we had enough different things I could dedicate a spot to it in her room for her to play. This little Gnome Cottage from Folkwood Studio was the perfect addition.


From treehouses with fairies to gnomes in their gardens, there is nothing better to spark the imagination of a preschooler than a little imaginary play. To start with, I set up everything for Cassie, building the road, creating ‘paddocks for the animals’ setting up the gnome cottage with a little gnome waiting patiently outside. Cassie sat and watched me intently and was all too eager to take over. All of a sudden I wasn’t needed, as things got moved left, right and centre and Cassie escaped into this world she had created.

At the end of the day I even tried to tidy up a little and got told off for disturbing the dog sleeping in his bed inside the gnome cottage!

small world

When it comes to creating a Small World, each little bit you add is significant and important, which is how I fell in love with this gorgeous piece. It is perfect for open-ended play. There is a door that isn’t attached, which Cassie just loves to play with and it sparks her imagination.

Even better, this gorgeous cottage is handmade by Sandy when you order, so you know the one you receive is incredibly unique just for you. There is nothing better than receiving a quality piece you know a lot of love has gone into.


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