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Good Bubs – Blanket and Burp Cloth

From the first moment I heard about Good Bubs, I was hooked. Firstly, I am a little obsessed with rainbows. Cassie is my rainbow baby (a baby born after miscarriage) and since those beginning days, I have always looked at rainbows with a new love, so naturally I just fell in love with the blanket and burp cloths over at Good Bubs.

This store is so much more than their gorgeous products. They donate 50% of their profits to organisations that support babies and young children. 50%! Anyone who owns a business themselves, big or small, knows how huge this commitment is. In the month of June, Good Bubs has gone above and beyond and actually donated 100% of their profits to these charities, focusing on four outcome areas that are critical in delivering long term impact and are supported by a strong body of evidence: nutrition, protection from harm, sanitation, and early learning opportunities.

Good bubs swaddle

Their blanket (100cm by 100cm) is one of the softest on the market, made from four layers of lightweight breathable, bamboo muslin. With Elliot recently being diagnosed with eczema (quite a severe case), I am thankful to have something so natural against his delicate skin. This blanket comes with us everywhere, it is used as a sun shade on the pram, a swaddle for sleeping, a blanket to keep him warm and even a place for him to lay on the ground. It’s amazing how versatile it is!

We have also made the switch and now completely bottle feed Elliot, which means a lot more mess when it comes to feeding time. I didn’t realise but we had no burp cloths in our collection, so I was thrilled to try out the Good Bubs burp cloths. They are the perfect size for laying across your shoulder, and are once again, super soft. I use it to wipe up any excess milk that comes out and love that the packs come with two in them. One on you and one for the wash (you know, that never ending pile!).

All their products are also ethically produced, meaning their supplies meet international standards when it comes to no child labour, no forced labour, safe and hygienic working conditions and so forth.

If you’re looking for a baby shower present or to stock up on some goodies in your home, Good Bubs is the perfect place to shop, knowing you are also giving back to those in need in the process.


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