Grabease – Ergonomic Toddler Cutlery

In the last month or so we have started ramping up our ‘family’ dinners. We noticed that Reuben was getting very fussy, and playing up, and because we were trying to get 2 kids fed now we were just down to feeding him a few basic meals that we knew he would eat so dinner time was easier. So now we have been trying to all have dinner together at least 4 nights a week, we have discovered he will eat a much wider range of food. Hand in hand with this is that Reuben wants to eat off plates like us, and with cutlery like mum and dad. So we thought, Angus is a good eater, and we want to continue to nurture this, so he needs some cutlery too! That’s when I found Grabease baby cutlery. Perfectly designed to fit in a small toddlers hand – from 6 months plus, they are a great extension to baby led weaning. We do a mix of puree and solids, and Angus’s first go with both the fork and spoon at 8 months old, and he has successfully been able to feed himself with them.

They are a great concept with a stubby base that fit perfectly into little hands or fists, and with a choke guard. The choke guard is perfect as a big problem with a normal baby spoon for Angus is he tries to shove it half way down his throat. He was able to grab them very ergonomically in his palm, and bring them up to his mouth, a bit like an extension of his arm.  They are most importantly dishwasher safe, stain proof and BPA free. They come in 6 fun and practical colours and with a little washable travel pouch for putting in your nappy bag or lunch bag so bubs can have their cutlery where ever you go!

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