Green Toys Tractor

Green Toys – durable and good for the earth

We were very lucky to go on a family holiday late last year to the USA, and while browsing in a tea shop, Reuben became interested in a little tea set he found on a kids table in the corner. As we were getting ready to leave, I had a closer look at the tea set and had to start asking questions of the owner. The tea set was made by Green Toys – she told me that it could take warm liquid, that it was fairly indestructible, it was dishwasher safe and then what blew me away was that it was made from recycled plastic milk bottles. I was hooked! I quickly looked up if I would need to buy it in the USA and take it home, or if they were available already in Australia – turns out they were.

So for Christmas I put in a request to anyone who asked to buy Reuben something from the Green Toys line. They have a full range of toys to suit babies and toddlers, girls and boys – from tea sets, jumping ropes, stacking rings to rubbish trucks and the gorgeous tractor we have. The tractor as you can see is currently carrying trains around – but can also be found in our garden carting around sand and dirt – and then off to the dishwasher it goes! I love these for their practicality, great design and use of recycled products.


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