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Reuben went through a “phase” of being a terrible sleeper. Taking a long time to go to sleep, waking up multiple times a night, and being up for the day anytime from 4:30am. It was wearing very thin. We enrolled in Tresillian, but decided that with at least a 3 month lead time we needed to take some steps ourselves to try and improve his sleep. We hoped that the easiest fix was going to be getting him to wake up later, and that better overnight sleeps would help with the going to bed and waking up as well. And you know what – in our instance it did help! A lot of it came down to the Gro Store – Gro Clock. What a great invention!! This clock is fun, and appealing to kids and helped us achieve our later wake up time goals over a few months.

The Gro Clock worked for us as it is such a simple concept – say goodnight to the sun and press the button (his favourite part!), and hello to the star. It’s time to get out of bed when “the sun’s up!”. The difference is easy to see, as the star is a blue light, and the sun is bright yellow. The Gro Clock also comes with a lovely illustrated book with a story about a pig who didn’t like to sleep, so didn’t play well with the other farm animals, until he learnt to sleep when the sun went to sleep! Reuben enjoyed the book, and we read it each night for the first week we used the clock.

It has some great features for once kids get older, like stars disappear each hour or so, to show them how much longer until the sun comes up. You can set it to show a digital time once you are teaching your kids to read time. You can set two separate wake up times for weekend/weekday or night time vs day nap wake up time. We have ours set for the same time each day, as we only use it overnight.

We started with a 5:30am sun up, and have extended it out to 6am over 2 months. I think we could successfully push this out another 15 minutes over the next few weeks. We did give positive rewards as a link to the sun coming up as well. If he stays in bed until the sun comes up, then he gets to play with certain toys, or watch an episode of his favourite tv show, which he doesn’t get if he gets up early, and this has helped solidify the effectiveness of the sun in our house.

Reuben has also started sleeping through the night, and goes to bed quite easily now, so the Gro Clock really did help us solve all our problems. It is very cute in the morning when we hear him – “Mamma, Daddy, the Sun’s Up!! Come play with me!”

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