Wellie’s Online – Gumboots

When it comes to winter weather and the inevitable rain, gumboots really are a must for any toddler.  After all, I don’t want to be buying Cassie a new pair of shoes every time she goes splashing in the puddles at the park. And trust me, she loves to splash.

I wanted something that would last the distance (no-one wants to find wet socks underneath), and could even handed down to her little sister one day, which is why Wellie’s Online were the perfect solution. I looked for a while in different stores for the perfect gumboots for Cassie, but found too many of them were covered in cartoon characters or other stickers. They were loud, noisy and not to our tastes at all. I was after a plain pair that could be matched to any outfit I put Cassie in, rather than having to plan her outfit around the boots. The pale blue gumboots we got were the perfect solution.

It’s true, many people would be shocked to hear I chose the blue option, I love to dress Cassie in a lot of pink, I can’t help it! But that’s why the splash of pale blue works so well. It compliments her mountains of pink perfectly. The gumboots are made from quality natural rubber and are fully lined with a fleece lining – Cassie just loves putting them on each day, and we finally have the perfect pair that we both love.


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