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Gumtree – Vintage Pram

Have you been on your local Gumtree lately? I honestly can’t get enough. I love finding bargain buys and Gumtree is one of the best places to go in search for them. From kids clothing bundles to baby swings, bouncers and more, if you are looking for a good deal, then jump on.

I had my heart set on a vintage pram for Cassie. I loved the look of them and could think of nothing better than watching Cassie push one around. So I went on the hunt. I started on some of the buy/swap/sell pages and they sold a hard bargain. They were going for $50 and up, and most of them were a fair distance from our place, so I was going to have to put in a drive as well.

I then ventured onto Gumtree and found plenty more options. The best part is, you can negotiate as well. This pram that I settled on was still a good 40 minute drive from us, but when I managed to lock in the price of $15, I knew it was worth the effort. I was lucky enough to be able to leave Cassie home with her dad while I sped off to pick it up.

Cassie absolutely adores this pram and it has already earned its keep in our household. She pushes her baby around in it, transferring them from the pram to the cot. Even more exciting was when I let her bring it on a walk with us.

It really was worth every penny, and the best part, even my husband couldn’t whinge about the cost! We will definitely be keeping our eye out for any more bargains that go up in our area.


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