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Hand in Hand Activity Kits

I am always on the lookout for ways to keep Cassie entertained. Ever since she dropped her day sleep a few months ago, we suddenly have this extra one-on-one time during the day while her siblings sleep, and it’s so nice to do an activity together. The Hand in Hand Activity Kits have been a real lifesaver for us.

With three kids under four years old my capacity for organising craft activities and buying what I need is very, very small. Chances are, it just won’t happen at all. Which is why I am in love with Hand in Hand Activity kits. Each month, you are sent a new box full of activities for your little one including ALL the materials you need.

Cassie just loves art, so she was thrilled the first day I pulled the box out to get started. Her first work of art was this underwater collage, that even involved sand and glitter – two of Cassie’s favourite things. I left her to do most of the work and just hovered over when she needed me, and she was so proud of what she created. As she should be! She wanted to get started on the next activity straight away and wasn’t impressed when I packed in up for another day.

activity kit octopus

The next activity was all about the letter ‘O’. Cassie is really getting into letters at the moment, so I loved that there was some learning behind it. Once again, I just stood and watched. Cassie did all the cutting, all the sticking and all the painting herself – and did a great job! She even counted each of the Octopus tentacles and put them in the right order.

We then made it to the shark activity, which given Cassie’s love for ‘Baby Shark’ was highly exciting for her. This one took us a bit longer and she needed a bit more of my help with it, but once it was done, there was plenty to do with it. We still have this one out to play with, learning letters, finding words that start with that letter and then letting the shark gobble them up afterwards.

activity kit shark

And we still have activities left, ready for other days. So much value in one box and such a great way to keep your little one entertained. I am not sure we would get through a box a month – at 3 years old Cassie’s attention span isn’t quite there, but I will definitely be purchasing these on occasion throughout the year. I just love having all the hard work done for me and being able to sit back and enjoy quality time with my girl.


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