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Happee Trees – Kids Hat Stand

I am not sure when Cassie’s obsession for hats started. Every morning when I get her dressed, she doesn’t consider herself ready to go until she has paid a visit to her hat drawer and pulled something out to wear. The only problem with this, is that she always chooses the one on top and won’t go searching, so I wanted to find a better way to put her hats on display so she could help herself to her favourites (maybe with a little guidance from mum). This beautiful kids hat stand from Happee Trees was just the ticket, and Cassie adores it.

The gorgeous teal colour adds a nice contrasting to the abundance of pink. I put it up while Cassie was at daycare and she was so excited to come home and find it there. It is now a great game picking out a new hat each morning – and we get a lot more variety.

Down the track I love the idea of using this great stand for her coats as well. They are so bulky and take up so much space in her closet, it would be lovely to be able to take them out and free up some much-needed room for new clothes. Who could say no to that! Plus, this piece will grow with her room and her tastes and can always be adapted to her new styles along the way.


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