My Two Front Teeth – Harem Romper

Wow – my first thought as I opened up this romper from My Two Front Teeth, the print and quality of the make is AMAZING! The Astro Harem Romper is bright, and colourful, yet a more mature style and print. I always think as I dress Reuben each morning, as he has just turned two, how long can I keep putting him in rompers – the answer with rompers like this one…a long time!

I love the practicality of a harem romper – as you are all hearing Reuben is long and skinny, and he wears cloth nappies to help hold pants up. Well, in a romper that is not a concern. I also love a romper, as when he is playing they don’t ride up like a T-shirt, or fall down like his pants, so he always looks happy and comfortable in his clothes.

He loves to run, and kick balls, and climb things, and a romper gives him the freedom to do all this. The elasticated ankles on the harem romper means that you can wear them a little higher, or pull them down a little lower to change the style, but pulling it a little higher in the harem style Reuben had a lot of space in the crotch area so he could bend and move without his nappy getting in the way. As he gets older I find this style of romper with snaps at the shoulder means I can dress him while he is standing up, and it is quick and simple to pull up, rather than me having to chase him around to get all the nappy snaps done up. Also, as he moves more I find a romper with nappy snaps, while great for a nappy change, can pop open a lot as kids run around.

So this harem romper combines practicality, with a really fantastic and fun print that I haven’t seen before. We got A LOT of comments at the park yesterday on my little Spaceman!


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