Hot Air Balloon – Oliver’s Twisty Tales

Finding out our third and final baby was a boy was a big shock for our whole family. We went into the pregnancy, assuming we produced girls and would be adding another princess to our growing tribe. I’m not going to lie, getting my head around all things boys has taken me a while (what can I say, I am a girly girl at heart), and designing his nursery was the first step.

Coming up with a theme has always been important for me, as it gives me a great base to work off. When I saw this gorgeous hot air balloon over at Oliver’s Twisty Tales I immediately fell in love and new we had a theme done and dusted – a focus on flying.


This little man isn’t going into his own space straight away. Instead, we are sharing a room together until he is ready to move, but I still wanted to give him his own special space, just like the girls had (and still have) when they were babies.

We had a corner of a room, and plenty ideas to decorate, so I got to work. This vintage hot air balloon was a feature for me, and added the wow factor to really make the space unique. Each one is handmade, with a handwoven netting and basket.

They come in a variety of different colours, so you can pick and choose to match your nursery, or even as decorations for a birthday party. They will make a stunning statement wherever you put them.

We found the perfect place hanging next to our baby boy’s bassinet, so he has some colours to look up to before he goes to sleep. I know that when we eventually move him into his own room, this gorgeous piece will be following and we will be using it to design the next space.

Dimensions (medium): 11.8 inches x 7.1 inches (from top of balloon to bottom of the basket).

Dimensions (large): 56 cm in Length (from top of balloon to the basket) and approx 30cm in Diameter (across the widest part of the balloon).


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