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Vintage Lyric – Ice-Cream Necklace

I will be honest with you – there is nothing I love more than a freebie. I entered one of Bec Engel’s giveaways on her Facebook page and soon found myself a proud owner of her ice-cream necklace. I mean, how cool is that?! At that stage, Cassie didn’t own a necklace. It was something I hadn’t even considered. She was only nine months old, accessories just weren’t necessary. Not only weren’t they necessary but I was that paranoid parent who was terribly afraid of choking, so while I put the necklace on Cassie for the odd photo (after all, it was cute), it generally stayed hanging in her room on display.

As a self-confessed girly girl I had no intention of rubbing myself off on Cassie, although I won’t lie I am excited to see as she grows older, she shares my passion for all things “pretty”. I started to notice it with her obsession for shoes. She had to pick out her own each morning and they have to be the “pretty” pair. Sure enough, this attention soon turned to the necklaces she saw hanging their enticingly. She picks one out each day and insists on wearing it. Who am I to say no?

The gorgeous ice cream necklace from Vintage Lyric is now a treasured staple in our household. Cassie really does have accessorising down to a fine art – and who am I to stand in her way. We have tried other necklaces from stores like Kmart, but sadly these were all broken in two seconds of wear. It really is worth paying that little extra for something that is really going to last the distance. And I know Cassie couldn’t agree with me more.



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