Inappropriate Baby/Toddler Milestone Discs

When I had my first daughter, I had grand plans to do it all. We would take weekly milestone photos in her first 12 weeks, then change to monthly before she turned one, then have all these on display at her first birthday… but along she came and all that was forgotten as I adjusted to my new role as mum. Then with my second daughter I tried again, I felt more prepared this time. In fairness, we made it to six months, which I feel was a solid effort! Now third time around, I haven’t even bothered – life is just too busy. Then I came across the Inappropriate Baby/Toddler Milestone Discs from Natures Treasures Boutique and FINALLY I felt like someone had designed a set of milestones that actually suit my life – and that I could follow through with.

While we all wish that parenting was smiles, giggles and perfectly posed photos, the reality is very different, and I love that these milestones celebrate the reality in all it’s glory! In fact, when I first received them and saw the sigh: “All I want to do is talk, talk, talk” I felt like someone had been in my home and written this for my three-year-old daughter Cassie. So naturally that was the first photo we took!

We still have plenty of milestones to explore, including “I said my first swear word” (have definitely passed this with Cassie, but will save it for Vivi and Elliot!), “I had a poo explosion today” (I’m sure it won’t be long before Elliot shares one of these with us), “I refused to nap today”, “I cried all day for no reason”, “today I refused to wear pants” (this one is definitely reserved for Vivi who likes to undress herself at nap time).

I love that this milestones are down to earth and reflect parenting in all it’s glory. I mean, let’s face it, if we can’t laugh then we will just find ourselves crying instead, and I know which one I would rather be doing. It’s raw parenting at it’s best and something we can ALL relate to.


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