Indigo Jamm – Scoot

My lovely best friends know I have a soft spot for Vespas, having owned one, and loved it dearly! So when they were thinking what to buy as a baby shower present, they decided my little man was to also become a Vespa aficionado. They gave me an Indigo Jamm Scoot in aqua – an old-school, retro wooden ride-on scooter for my little boy to enjoy. It was a good 18 months between being given it and me being able to watch him whizz around on it, but worth the wait. It is best used from when they can start walking with a low profile, little legs can easily reach the ground.

The design is super cute, In fact, my mums’ group used it as a prop for our 1st birthday setup, and I think quite a few kids ended up being gifted one as they all had so much fun on it. It has wheels that move in any direction due to rotational castors, meaning Reuben can get around the wooden floors in our house with ease. He has been spotted doing doughnuts and spinouts down the hall!!! It has really helped with his gross motor skills and coordination. Also, it has plenty of seat room for a teddy to go for a ride too.

The Scoot is available in a range of fun and bright colours, on a really sturdy base. The Scoot is made from sustainable rubberwood, meaning it is also environmentally friendly. People are always amazed that it started life in a flat pack, as looking at its amazing quality, you would think it had come assembled. It was very easy to assemble. This toy is quality all the way, teamed with a great retro style, a must have for every trendy toddler to cruise the local neighbourhood!


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