All4Ella – Inside Out Umbrella

All4Ella has created an inside out umbrella that is fun and functional – it is a must have for these rainy winter days. Nothing worse than trying to get the kids in and out of the car, and when closing the umbrella all the water pours down on mum! I don’t know about you, but one of my huge pet peeves, is that half the time when I use an umbrella I end up soaked anyway – as trying to get in a door way or into the car I fold the umbrella and all the water falls on me.

The umbrella makes a waterproof cone when closed so all the water stays on the inside of the umbrella, not on me or the floor! The other thing I love about this umbrella is it has a wide foot stand on the base so you can just stand it up next to you in a café instead of lying it on the floor, or the handle fits over a door knob, the back of a chair or easily latches onto my carrier or backpack.

Now not only are they functional, but we love them here at Stylish Finds as they come in a great range of patterns that appeals to kids and parents – and 2 sizes. We live right near the airport, and often go plane spotting so receiving the kids plane umbrella made our day! Reuben doesn’t really care for it as umbrella but is using it as a walking stick, and an item to swing around while yelling planes! Aaron and I have embraced the umbrella, it is so fun while being ridiculously functional and innovative. Bring on the rain!!




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