Kaboost – Toddler Booster

Having Cassie in a high chair was always so easy and convenient, it was hard to make the transition and let go, but as soon as we bought her own table and chairs to sit at, I knew it was the right decision. She just adored having the freedom to be a ‘big girl’ and sit up at her own table. But if there is one thing I have found when it comes to instilling good eating habits with toddlers, it’s to lead by example. Unfortunately for me, that meant getting down with Cassie at her table and chairs to eat with her most nights. Thanks goodness we came across the Kaboost toddler booster.

As my pregnancy took over and I found it harder and harder to join Cassie at her little table, I started looking for other solutions. For breakfast and lunchtime, Cassie was fine to eat on her own at the table, but when it came to nighttime and the tiredness set in, she liked to have the company and also know she was eating the same thing as us, which I wanted to encourage.

The Kaboost solved all our eating problems in a really practical way. We were so excited to receive it and try it out, and now Cassie can’t get enough. It simple fits onto the bottom of your chair and their are two height settings, so you can boost the chair to be the right height at your dining table.

It means Cassie can now sit up with us for meals, but still has the freedom of sitting on a ‘big girl’ seat, so we don’t have to pull out the high chair again. She loves it and so does my back. She can also get up and down by herself which is an added bonus. It’s a great way to get everyone enjoying their meals together, and so much easier than using a booster seat (which Cassie would hate).


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