Little Advent Boxes – Kids Advent Calendar

I’ll be upfront, I am a sucker for all things Christmas. I am that person that will slowly wander through the Christmas department, restraining myself from purchasing every single item in sight. The advent calendar is a must-have in our household – what better way to celebrate than counting down the days until the main event! Last year, it was all about Chris and me. We got a nice Lindt calendar and took it in turns eating the chocolate of the day (very restrained of us if I don’t say so myself). This year – it’s all about Cassie. She is finally old enough to understand (at least a little), but I really didn’t need her having a chocolate every day for a month, which is why we love Little Advent Boxes.

We were given the Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Calendar to try out and Cassie is already hooked. The first box opens up to reveal a gorgeous little bracelet, perfect for tiny hands. As the month goes on, you open a new charm each day to add to the bracelet. And not a chocolate in sight (I’ll save that for our calendar!). Cassie loved it, but was keen to open all the boxes at once. I explained to her that we get to try one each day, so it is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up in the morning. We are now trying to hold off until December to finish the calendar off, but it is a little addictive. It also makes the perfect Christmasy centre piece to our table and I love walking passed it every day and getting a smile.

Check out their site for some more great advent calendars as well as fillers for an advent calendar you may already have at home. Such a great idea for little kids, and a gift that keeps on giving!


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