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Suki Mcmaster – Kid’s Dining Set

I adore anything to do with food, fairly obvious when my children are named after a sandwich (Reuben) and a Beef cow (Angus). So it goes without saying that I also adore lunchboxes, giant tea mugs, reusable coffee cups and to my husbands annoyance children’s dining sets.

As with a good bento style lunchbox, a good children’s dining set helps inspire the imagination when it comes to creating your child or children’s dinner. I was so excited when I came across Suki Mcmaster – she is a gorgeous illustrator who has combined her bright, fun, Asian/Australian styling with often ecofriendly homewares and other products. You guessed it she has created two of the most gorgeous dining sets, one with bears and one Australian themed with kangaroos, platypus, wombats, emus and koalas.

For our current dining habits we only need one of Suki’s sets and both boys get fed as Angus gets his puree in the bowl and is fed with the spoon, and Reuben gets the plate, fork and cup. Now as you can see in my photos the biggest dilemma you will have is that the artwork is so stunning that while you are plating dinner you realise you actually don’t want to give the kids much food as then you can’t see the designs. Or you need them to eat quickly so that they can find all the animals!

The sets are made from bamboo fibre and therefore are BPA free and biodegradable. They are also importantly dishwasher safe! The bowl is nice and deep to ensure it is the perfect size for a bowl of pasta or breakfast cereal. The plate has 4 sections on it, so you can divide up your meal so nothing touches, or so you can put sweet and savouries on the same plate!

Suki also has a great range of other products from reusable coffee cups, to cushions, stationary, a 2019 calendar and we couldn’t resist one of her muslins! We are using the muslin as a picnic blanket for impromptu summer dinners! Yet is equally belongs in our pram as a snuggle blanket for Angus, or into his cot for bedtime. It is soft and light perfect for summer and is oversized at 120cm x 120cm meaning it is great for toddlers not just newborns. It is also made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

I will be buying everyone items from Suki’s website from baby gifts, to presents for friends overseas, dining sets for 1st or 2nd birthday presents or Christmas, and cute artworks for my children’s walls. I can’t really resist supporting this fun, Australian illustrator when she is getting her art printed onto quality products.

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