Kooshy Kids – KontraBand Headphones

Long car rides, or a day at daddy’s office calls for a bit of tv time. Reuben normally only gets tv for doing his jobs around the house. But we do quite a bit of travel both in the car and by air, and Reuben needed a new set of headphones. We came across the Kooshy KontraBand Kids Headphones, which are a soft headband with Bluetooth headphones inside. They are washable, easy wear, comfortable and fit him really well. Reuben’s ears are one of his main characteristic features, in they are quite big and stick out, so it can be tricky to find headphones that fit that he doesn’t complain about hurting his ears. These head bands are soft with the concealed headphones, they fit all head shapes and ears and he is happy to wear them for the length of a show or movie.

They come in a great range of colours, and with various types of embroidery on them including being able to get them personalised. Reuben has the blue headband with a lightening bolt embroidered on, which helps determine the front from the back when he puts them on. They can be a little fiddley to switch on, but once on they sync to the phone very easily and quickly and he says the volume is good. The headphones are sound limiting so as to protect those little ears! Being Bluetooth they are also cordless, which means no tangles or risks and they don’t have to be as near the device, which means they work perfectly for an ipad on the back of the carseat, or on the plane. They come with a charger, but the battery lasts really well and only needs to be charged very occasionally.

Incase you also think they are a great idea, or you have a teenager who might like a set, the Kooshy KontraBand Headphones are also available in adult sizes


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