Kidstuff – Aquaplay Starter Set

Reuben is rather obsessed with water play -infact we have to send him to daycare with 4 or 5 changes of clothes as they constantly find him playing and splashing around and pouring water back and forth in their water table. So it seemed time to get one for ourselves. There are a lot of water tables on the market, but we ideally wanted something we could pack up afterwards and store out of the sun so it would last, and not have the plastic deteriorate, but also something of a decent size that could be moved around easily. That is when we came across the Aquaplay range stocked by Kidstuff stores. The Aquaplay set clicks together with seals that clamp on to make it water tight – meaning it can be packed up when not in use. The set is also modular, so you can buy other sets and join them all together to create a mega Aquaplay set. This means that as he gets older, we can upgrade his set to include more intricate pieces.

The Aquaplay Starter Set is a small harbour, with a crane for loading a container into amphibian truck or the container boat. There is a ramp so the car can be driven into the harbour, or back down onto the grass or pavement you have it on. Reuben thought this was a great feature. He also loved that the boat had a hippopotamus as captain! He spent a long time moving the container around with the crane, and filling it with water, and then dumping it out. My favourite features were that there is a paddlewheel which means you can create a current, which can move the boat around the harbour, and also that there is a lock, so you can change the path, or block off sections of the harbour – it really is a build your own adventure of water tables.

The Aquaplay starter set is a great first water table, and we now know what we can ask for on his birthday this year – a Kidstuff voucher so we can get some more of the modular pieces to add to this set.

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