Carina’s Knots – Knot Pillow

I just love decor. I never thought I would. I have grown up through renovations and watching my mum makeover rooms and never really had much of a eye for it. Then I fell pregnant and told myself I wouldn’t really bother with a nursery, we would just wing it. Next thing I know, I find out I am having a little girl and the nursery is out of control. Who can blame me, right? There are so many gorgeous things out there it was almost inevitable that I was going to get swept up in it all, like this gorgeous knot pillow from Carina’s Knots.

Finding out that I was expecting a second girl was suddenly an excuse to do a whole new nursery. Many people couldn’t understand my excitement when I had already ‘been there, done that’, but honestly, I could do it ten times over and still not get bored (don’t get any ideas, we are done in the kids department!). Finding beautiful pieces like this knot pillow is what I live for. You may have seen the trend going around lately with these gorgeous pillows… I am so excited to now be one of the crowd. It lovingly sits in Cassie’s room, where she loves to have a play with it from time to time. The best part is, it will grow with her and we will be able to move it into her next bedroom and keep using it for the beautiful statement piece that it is.

There is something so special about handmade products and this one from Carina is beautifully made with lots of love. With a special message tied to it when I received it in the post, it made the knot cushion feel even more at home with us. If you are looking for a timeless piece that both you and the kids will love, this one is definitely worth checking out.


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