Lightweight Gumboots – Demar

Here in Sydney, it has felt like the cold weather would never come. Here I am, shopping a storm for the girls’ winter wardrobes, and watching as they sit unused in their rooms. Luckily, gumboots can be worn all year round, especially when they are as versatile and trendy at this pair from Demar boots.

First and foremost they are superlight weight. So whether it’s the middle of Summer and there is a ‘Sun shower’ or dead winter and it’s been pouring for days, these gorgeous boots will see you little one through it all. Cassie was extra excited to receive her silver Dino pair in the mail and insisted on trying them on straight away. With lots of room to grow, I know these boots will likely see her through the next year, and the fact that they are so lightweight makes playing easy. Normally when we wear gumboots out, I have to bring a spare pair of shoes, because she can get a little clumsy in them! The heaviness of the actual boot tends to way her down. But not with these ones. She’s off, off and away (without tripping).

And this one is exciting for the parents out there – they also come with a thermal sock insert. What does this mean? Cleaning the boots is easy! Just chuck the sock in the washing machine and you’re done. No more stinky shoes smelling out the house. Plus, on those warmer days, you don’t even need to worry about putting it in. This will also help you get even more use out of the shoe as your child’s foot grows, which is a win win.

I love the plain colour options, as it means these shoes will match almost any option (I’m not a huge fan of patterns on patterns).


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