Lilypond Kids – Bamboo Zoo Dinnerware

I have been looking for a dinnerware set with divided plate for a long time for Reuben. I wanted something ideally eco friendly, bpa free and could go in the dishwasher. It obviously had to be fun and appealing to Reuben as well – so that he would ideally try a few new foods! So when I came across Lilypond Kids online shop, I was excited to see their range of 5 piece bamboo zoo dinnerware. They have 12 different animals across two design styles in more feminine designs, masculine designs and unisex. Reuben went for a pink one as he wanted the owl! So probably they all suit anyone and everyone as long as the child is into the animal depicted.

Reuben has been using his bowl and spoon for breakfasts, and the divided plate, cup and fork at dinner time, and since getting it a week ago every meal has had to be on one of these owl items! Having the divided plate means I can separate Reuben’s favourite foods, from the ones we are trying to introduce, so there isn’t too much pressure for him to try them, and also if they aren’t touching he is more likely to eat a decent amount of both foods. It also makes me more conscious of giving him a varied meal, rather than sticking to our normal staples.

Lilypond Kids also has a great range of other products including gorgeous toys and bookends, clothes, kids furniture and new baby gifts – with a focus on wooden toys, and ecofriendly items. These dinnerware sets would make a great present for kids aged 1 to 5, as they are so bright and fun and colourful. They come in nice packaging that would be easy and light to post if sending a present interstate or overseas.


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