Little Shop of Cutes – Handmade Doll

When I found out I was expecting my first girl I was over the moon with excitement. I couldn’t wait to start shopping for all the girly things from beautiful floral dresses, big statement headbands and tulle skirts to gorgeous little bracelets and of course dolls for her to play with. And after many years I found the perfect one from Little Shop of Cutes.

By the time Cassie’s first birthday rolled around, I knew exactly what to get her – her very first doll, and I wanted it to be handmade just to add that special touch. I shopped around for weeks and took my time choosing and was so excited to watch her open it on the day. She was less excited. I knew she was still young and would take some time. The problem is, Cassie never took to the doll, it was too big and awkward for her to carry and play with. While disappointed – I simply placed it on her shelf to sit there and look pretty (which she does).

Now that it is time to by Vivi her first doll, I wanted something just as gorgeous, but much smaller so she could enjoy it. This beautiful number from the Little Shop of Cutes is just perfect. She still has a while to go before she can play with it, so for now the dolly watches over her in the bedroom. What I love most about it, is that you can change her clothes, so over the years we can add to this gorgeous gifts and once Vivi is old enough, There are so many different options to choose from (I am trying to hold myself back right now) and I know Vivi will love being able to dress and undress her doll into her favourite outfits.


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