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Loulala Boutique – Beatbox Romper

Anyone who knows me knows I am quite obsessed with putting my boys in rompers. I am also searching for the perfect romper, a mix of fun, easy to wear, that a nappy can be changed easily and a great design. I have many great rompers that Reuben wore, but majority you had to take the whole romper off for a nappy change, which was a little frustrating. Now I have discovered Loulala Boutique’s Beatbox Romper – a fun, modern design with a little pocket and a hoodie- and can be made in a range of fantastic fabrics to suit any occasion.

Angus is loving his geeky gamer beatbox romper with Super Mario fabric, and we loved it so much that Vivi has one as well. Her’s is the same style but with the change in fabric and addition of some little frill caps on the sleeve takes it to feminine. Vivi’s fabric choice was unicorn horns with a fantastic purple glitter detail that I think makes the romper. Vivi also has taken to layering hers with a short or long sleeve tshirt underneath to keep her a little warmer as we are still getting some frosty weather here in Sydney.

Both the kids are finding them easy to move in, with Angus testing out his rolling in his romper and doing some good sitting. Vivi is climbing up slides and stairs with ease in this stretch knit material. The cut of the romper means it works well with disposable nappies on Vivi or on cloth bums for Angus.

Loulala Boutique makes a fantastic range of skater dresses, tops, rompers and other great items and what really makes her clothes is not only the great workmanship, but the fun and functional nature of her range, teamed with an array of fabrics. There is something there to suit everyone and they are all made to your custom measurements.

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