Love Mae Fabric Wall Stickers

Love Mae – Style-ize your nursery with Fabric Wall Stickers

Everyone was asking us, how are you decorating your baby’s nursery? We had no ideas! Besides needing a cot and a change table what else was there to it? A theme we hear – so animals it was. My husband’s family have a farm, and his mum made us a gorgeous quilt for Reuben with farm animals on it, so that turned into our theme. Fabric wall stickers was a way to apply a theme, yet easy to change if in a few years time we didn’t think it suited him.

Love Mae creates beautiful matt finish fabric wall stickers, that are moveable and reusable, meaning with baby brain if i didn’t like the placement i could always move them later. This feature also makes them great if you rent yet still want to personalise your little person’s room or play space. They were very easy to apply to the wall, with clear and simple instructions provided.

I looked far and wide for farm themed decals, they were hard to come by. Seems Woodland and Zoo animals are much more in vogue, but then when i saw Love Mae’s version that with old style animals – and amongst kids favourites of Pigs, Chickens and Ducks, there are also donkeys and llamas i was sold. Turns out i made exactly the right choice as now each morning Reuben walks up and says all the noises for the animals and says each of their names, and at night we get Night Night Pig, Night Night Donkey!



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