Lunchbox – Boo + Crew

People who know me know I love a lunchbox. My husband is particularly irritated that I keep bringing new ones home. But really with 2 kids, and a husband who takes his lunch to work and a host of different occasions that one needs a lunchbox, you need to have a fair few in your cupboard! I had been on the hunt for a lunchbox that I could pack enough food in to last half a day for myself, Reuben and Angus to share if we went on an excursion to the aquarium, or for a picnic at the park. As my kids are 3 and 1 we had been sticking to fairly small boxes until now. They both like to snack so lots of sealed compartments has been essential. Now was the time to branch out and get a school sized lunchbox to suit the three of us for an outing! We found the perfect lunchbox in the Boo+Crew Boobox.

Be warned – this is a large lunchbox. This means it is really perfect for big eaters, or kids who like a large variety of food. The lid can be tricky to remove and replace – Reuben is pretty savvy with lunchboxes and he needed a lot of help. Therefore I think this either is great as a family lunchbox as we are using it for, or for kids at school who are a little more dexterous! Now moving on from the lid let’s look at the positives -this lunchbox is made from bamboo fibres and PLA – a bioplastic derived from cornstarch – this makes it a fantastic natural and biodegradable lunchbox. However it is tough – I was worried being biodegradable that it may not stand up to being dropped or moved around roughly as kids tend to do, but it didn’t get a scratch when it fell off the table. It is thick and sturdy, yet being bamboo and cornstarch it isn’t a heavy lunchbox for it’s size.

It has four different compartments so food can be separated, but the large compartment easily fits a sandwich – as you can see in our image we actually fit 2 sandwiches, and with the depth of the box I would think you could borderline fit 3, or easily put a nice thick salad sandwich on artisan bread – something that doesn’t fit easily in most standard lunchboxes. The lid has silicon seals ensuring each compartment remains leak proof. It comes in a range of lovely designs and neutral colour pallets all featuring Australian fauna – in this case the sadly extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Boo+Crew are in fact donating $1 from every lunchbox sold to the Australia Wildlife Conservancy to help ensure no other animals go the way of the Tassie Tiger.

As the lunchbox is quite deep it fits high items – like domed muffins or wedges of frittata without issue – or in our case piles of carrots and a large mandarin without any chance of them being squashed. The rounded corners make washing the box very easy, I would hesitate to put it in the dishwasher due to it being biodegradable. I love that we now have this lunchbox on hand for our group outings – Reuben, Angus and I happily shared the contents of this box on a morning out and about.


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