Marsupi – Lightweight Baby Carrier

We have been around the block when it comes to baby carriers. Before my first daughter, I had very little knowledge and only knew about the basics on the market, we usually stuck with the pram. Since then, I have experimented with many different types of carriers from ring slings to wraps and more, finding some practical and comfortable and others not so much. The Marsupi carrier is the former and it’s a must-have in your collection.

Let me start by saying, while I love carrying my bubs, we also love the pram, and on a day outing you can find us with both on hand. Of course, this takes up space, and most carriers don’t fold up very small, so when you aren’t using them, they can get in the way. In addition, many carriers can be fiddly to get on, with straps high on your shoulder that can be hard to do up (I have had to ask strangers for help before), and buckles that you aren’t sure where to put. The Marsupi has none of this.


It is lightweight, it is easy to use, it is stylish, it can be worn in different ways, folds up small and it is just so, so, so practical. We recently went on a family trip to Fiji with three kids, Cassie (3.5), Vivi (1.5) and Elliot (5 weeks). Babywearing was a must for us and while I had our handy ring sling ready to go, I knew I was never going to be able to convince my husband to wear it, which meant I would be carrying the whole trip. Then I came across the Marsupi carrier.

It was so incredibly perfect for the plane, being so lightweight it could easily fit into our luggage when it wasn’t being used. It comes with its own little carry pouch for easy storage and it is so simple to put on. The first time I put Chris in it, he couldn’t believe it – he could put it on by himself without help, which is a big thing for someone who doesn’t normally babywear. The straps are so easy to adjust that even while baby is on you, you can fiddle about until your heart’s content to find what is most comfortable for both of you.

masupi carrier

It is so great for day outings as well, fitting in your handbag, the bottom of the pram, hanging off the pram and more, without taking up much space at all and weighing next to nothing. It permanently lives in our car now, ready for the next outing to join us on.

The carrier comes in a simple, yet elegant colour, which will match anything you wear and was perfect for both me and my husband. It is nice and snug like a wrap, while being much easier to put on and much more lightweight to take with you for the day or travelling.

And the best part? They have matching carriers for kids! Imagine Cassie’s delight when I showed her she could match me and her dad. Everyone who saw us stopped to comment as well, it was a pretty cute sight to see!

While Elliot is still so little, we just carried him in front making use of the head support, but as he grows we can also carry him on our hip so he can face out and see everything. We will be getting plenty of use out of this carrier over the years and it is now our go-to!


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