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Toilet Training – often one of the most dreaded stages of parenting! Reuben was really anti using the toilet. In the throes of having a new baby when Reuben was nearly 3 we probably delayed our opportunity to do it early and easily. We then hoped that with the arrival of Angus, and seeing a baby in nappies, Reuben would realise he wasn’t a baby and would want to use a toilet ‘like a big person!’ Oh no, what Reuben realised was that he could go in his nappy and keep playing and not be disturbed, whereas if he had to go to the toilet he had to stop playing or imagining or having fun! So we had a bit of an uphill battle on our hands. Every few months we would try for a few days, so we knew he was capable of weeing on the toilet, he had been doing it before his shower for at least 6 months, but it was trying to get him to go when he needed to go, and also to poo on the toilet that was our challenge.

One day I caught him with a poo face, and I said – ‘Hey Reuben, let’s do that poo on the toilet and you can come to the shops and pick a toy if we hear the toilet say Plop plop!’ and presto, off he went – Plop plop and from that day he has used the toilet. So I think it was fear of the toilet and of not having fun, and I just happened to catch him off guard, and made the noise sound fun. He was so proud of himself with those first plops that we had very few accidents there after.

Shortly thereafter we ran out of pullups, and decided as he was generally dry in the mornings we would brave no nappy at night either. Part of this confidence was that we knew we had on hand the Protect-A-Bed Cumulus Mattress Protectors, pillow slips and quilt protector. The best tip we had received was to double sheet the bed, so mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector, sheet – so if we had an accident during the night we could strip the top layers, and everything underneath would be ready to go. We got through a week with no incidents and thought we were the best parents ever! Hahah Night 10, accident! It was HUGE!!! Thankfully we had a spare quilt, so we stripped the top two layers of the bed, changed Reubens pjs, removed a pillow and some wet toys, and replaced the quilt. In 10 minutes he was back sound asleep, and in the morning he barely remembered the incident.

The Protect-A-Bed cumulus protectors were a lifesaver. Nothing got through them, and this was a big wee. The quilt protector is quite fiddley to put on, as it has internal clips to keep it firmly attached around the quilt- as we know quilts have a way of scrunching up inside the cover. Yet while it was fiddley to put on, wow it was so easy to throw it in the washing machine, and straight into the dryer with the pillow slip and mattress protector, then having to work out how to wash and dry our quilt on a wet day in time for bed again!

The Cumulus range by protect a bed are also feature Freshe–  a naturally derived antimicrobial that is highly effective against bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew and odour. What this means is that Reuben who is a dribbler in his sleep (maybe like his mum!) doesn’t get yucky mould or odour building up anymore on his pillow no matter how often we used to change the pillow slip this would occur. It also is low irritant so no rashes or itches being caused from the protectors being on the bed.

I have also invested in the pillow cases and mattress protectors for our bed to help protect against sweat, dust mites and the odd dribble! Besides this piece of mind for Reuben and ourselves, I love that Protect-A-Bed are Australian made and owned!


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