Maze Activewear – Tights and Sports Bras

I am just about to hit the half way mark in my pregnancy, and it is proving to be very different to my first pregnancy with Reuben. While I have been sick with vomiting and nausea this pregnancy I have still been able to keep up an active lifestyle – and I attend an F45 gym and do a lot of walking.

In the last few weeks I had been finding my workout gear very uncomfortable – pants that said high waisted were cutting into my baby bump, and none of my sports bras were fitting me properly anymore, meaning no support and I felt like my lungs were being compressed. That is when I stumbled across Maze Activewear. They have created over the bump friendly workout tights in ¾ length and full length and in a range of patterns and colours. Their other fantastic product is sports bras that can be used not only during maternity as they are crop style so no underwire, but they have nursing clips for easy drop down access for feeding post partum. The other sell point for me was the price point is very reasonable. Most specialist clothes end up costing a fortune – these were really reasonable!

So the ultimate test for the tights was to wear them to F45 – we do a lot of squats, lunges and step ups, would they past the see – thru test! Yes indeed they would. Braver women than I may prefer to wear just the tights and sports bra, as they do meet up under the bra – that is how high the pants go! You could roll this section down for under bump support if you prefer. I however opted to wear a tank top over the bra and tights. I got lots of comments on my new tights – the pattern is very fun! The problem with the few companies that make pregnancy workout gear is it is all black, so it is nice to be able to mix and match the Maze pieces for a range of colours and patterns. The tights will easily see me through to 40 weeks, as they really are uniquely designed with a snug but flexible bump section.


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