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We have a new rule in our home – and it’s one that I love to bits and instigated out of necessity for my own sanity. ALL toys stay in the playroom. You see, Cassie (3) has a habit of grabbing whatever toys she wants to play with and then bringing them to find me in the house. Then she goes back for more. Since we started this rule, she not only plays happily on her own, but the clean up is so much easier! It is for this reason I wanted to make the toy room just for them. One special room decorated with all their favourite things, so they would love being in there (a win/win for all, right?). And with our latest obsession with Peter Rabbit, that was a great place to start. I fell in love with these mini umbrellas over at The Global Gumnut and Nursery Store.

I am a big fan of wallpaper, and had already sought out these cute little Peter Rabbit decals, so when I came across the mini umbrellas I knew they would go perfectly. The best part about them – they are 3D, so they literally pop off the wall and look amazing.
I let Cassie help me hang them up, and since they are at her ground level, she had a great time doing it. It was so easy and the kit comes with everything you need. Plus the stickers on the back work really well making the job really easy. Cassie is so proud of her handy work and points it out each time we are in the playroom.
If you’re looking for a gorgeous pop of colour – whether it is in a bedroom or a playroom – these mini umbrellas are both gorgeous and affordable. They are also available in many different colours.

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