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Bambino Mio – Miosolo Cloth Nappy

We are cloth nappy addicts. They are cute, good for the environment, help hold up pants on my super skinny boys and come in such an amazing array of designs and styles. It can be a bit overwhelming finding what works for your child’s bum, and also what will work for your wash routine in terms of drying time. The Bambino Mio Miosolo All in One Cloth Nappy has thought of pretty much everything when it comes a great fit and a quick dry nappy, combined with some really fun prints.

The Miosolo is an all in one size cloth nappy meaning that the insert is attached to the nappy, so there is no clipping and unclipping inserts or losing them in the wash. This can often lead to extended drying time, but the miosolo inserts pulls out of the nappy for ease of drying while staying attached with tabs so you don’t lose it. One size means they should fit you from about 4kg up until toilet training, so you will get atleast 2 years use out of your nappy if not more. Some of the nappies we had for Reuben are now being used by Angus. This nappy uses a combination of popper snaps and loop fasteners to ensure the perfect fit on your bub.

The Miosolo nappy is super soft on Angus’s bottom, he seems very happy in them, and we haven’t had any leakage due to being able to obtain a great fit. If you have a heavy wetter like me, you can also add an extra insert with ease to bulk up the nappy. This is a great workhorse nappy for your collection, and to boot are fun to look at unlike most workhorse nappies. They could easily make up your whole collection, as with Velcro fastener they are as easy as a disposable nappy to put on and off making them great for daycare, grandparents and dad to use with ease.

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