MistyMate Personal Mister

Summer is fast approaching and this new MISTPRO 3™ is the perfect way to keep the whole family cool. We were lucky enough to test this one out, and it really does deliver. The girls even had plenty of fun spraying themselves in the process.

While I was a bit daunted at first, it is actually much easier than the instructions let on. We had it set up in no time, with no need for batteries or any complicated set up.

Just one spray is enough to immediately cool you down – and while you can spray directly onto yourself, even just spraying near you helps immensely. I am looking forward to taking this one on a road test in Summer and spraying it near the pram to help keep Elliot nice and cool on our days out. It will also be great for the girls as well, giving them a way to cool themselves down without getting soaked. In the past, we have used spray bottles, or even just tipped some water from our water bottles down us (leaving us a little wet). The mist from this bottle is not only more effective, but it leaves you pretty much dry in the process.

Whether you are a regular beach goer, like to head off to the gym as much as possible, or simply want to keep cool in the warmer months, this really is the best way to do it. Check it out here.


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