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I am here to talk to you about plastic tubs! Not our most exciting or stylish review – but in this time where we think about waste, and reuse a lot then a draw full of tubs to store leftovers in, or to pack up kids lunches is a really important part of the family home. If you are anything like me, you greatly dislike your plastics draw! Things don’t stack together properly or neatly, you can never keep track of all the lids, and some of them can’t go in the dishwasher! Well I had to share with you this fantastic range of plastic tubs – Mr Lid containers.

Mr Lid’s are available in a range of sizes, they stack on top of each other in the fridge, and nest together when they are in my Tupperware drawer. They are see through meaning I can work out what is in the fridge or pantry, no more having to open the lids to work out what’s in the box! As I wanted to be able to send Reuben to daycare with them it was important for me that they be BPA free, and also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe – which they are! Reuben can’t misplace a lid at school, because of course the main feature of the amazing Mr Lid containers is of course the lid is firmly attached.

This is a pushy product – everyone should own atleast one set of these containers. They have ones that fit a small Reuben treat – or an Angus size portion of puree -through to large tubs that fit 2 person’s serve of leftovers. When the lid is clicked closed they are leak proof – we have not had any spills since using these tubs. I also find them fantastic for holding Reub’s toys in the car, as he doesn’t have to fumble to pull off a lid, which means less lego on my car floor. These tubs really can do it all! Get online quickly and get yourself a set or many sets of Mr Lid Containers, and buy some for your friends as gifts.

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