Bilum – Mum Bag

The hunt for the perfect ‘mum’ bag began for me the moment I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I love to accessorise, and knew all the bags I had stocked up on over the years would need to take a backseat after bub was here. It was all about her and getting around with everything we needed – which was a lot! Really, they just don’t warn you enough about all the stuff babies come with and just how tricky it can be to get out the door each day. I found a nappy bag that I loved and it saw me through that first year with Cassie, before I realised it just wasn’t working anymore. That’s when I came across this gorgeous Bilum bag.

By the time Cassie reached 12 months, our days of using the nappy bag were over. She was bigger now, and I didn’t want to be defined by that bag for years on end, so we started switching it up. Sometimes I would just shove nappies, wipes and spare clothes into one of my old handbags, other times we brought out a brightly coloured balloon bag of Cassie’s, The one thing I hated most was the mess. The snacks inevitably crumble to the bottom of the bag, dirt from the latest picnic ride up the sides of it, and cleaning is a nightmare.

That’s why these gorgeous Bilum bags are just the answer. They are made out of lightweight perforated neoprene material and trimmed with durable sail quality rope. This makes it so incredibly easy to wipe down after any inevitable spills. No joke, Cassie has already managed to throw up on this bag during a recent bough of gastro, and with a little water and a dash of sunshine to dry it, you would never know. Kids!

These bags come in variety of fabulous colours that will suit any occasion and means you can mix it up throughout the year, which if you are anything like me, is a big must. The detachable zip clutch is one of my favourite features (and Cassie’s too). I am forever losing my keys and lipstick in the huge bags we bring out with us, leaving me digging for ages when we reach the car or house. This clutch makes that so much easier, as long as I keep an eye on Cassie when she takes it!


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