Mumento ID Band & Allergy Accessories

Getting ready to head overseas with the family, and Aaron was going to be talking at a conference for 3 days – which meant solo parenting in a foreign city for me! Reuben is not a runner, so I wasn’t too worried, but while looking after a baby as well, I know sometimes he can get distracted or bored and if there was a crowd I wanted to know he would be ok. I saw that Mumento was doing Allergy wristbands for kids, and I thought they would make a great ID band for Reuben. When we found out it could be in any material we wanted – even better – we knew if we got one with diggers he would 100% wear it!

Mumento can personalise your band with any information – their business came about as their daughter has severe anaphylaxis and was about to start daycare, and they wanted to know that people would know what she was allergic to quickly. The metal medi-alert bands didn’t fit enough information, and are a little hard for a baby to wear, and so the cotton and Velcro bands came about. You can write contact information on the back of the band, and add personalisation to the front. Our band says Reuben – Australia on the front and then we have written our name and number in permanent marker on the back. He loved his digger band, and thought it was his ticket into the museum one day. Since returning from the holiday, he still loves wearing his super hero band, and will often just wear it for fun – so I can see kids with allergies having no issue wearing them. Mumento now also make a range of other great products such as bag tags, educational games to teach other kids about allergies and a range of ID products!

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