Mummy and Me Robes – Frankie T

Who doesn’t love a little matchy matchy in their lives? I have been fortunate enough to have my best friend have her kids at a similar time to me. We both have fours girls between us aged from two year to six months old. Gatherings together are just an overload of cuteness (if I don’t say so myself). When I saw these gorgeous robes by Frankie T, I just knew Mel and her 18-month-old Keira would rock them – and I was right.

The story behind why these matching robes were created has to be one of my favourite. When Bianca had her daughter Frankie, she had difficulty breastfeeding and like most first-time mums, spent her days in a sleep-deprived state. With visitors popping in (as they do), she wanted to look presentable, with easy access for breastfeeding. This is where Frankie T was born.

The robes come in a one-size-fits all adult version, and a child’s version ranging from newborn to 2 years old. There are a number of different designs to choose from, to find something to suit your tastes. I honestly think these gorgeous robes make the perfect gift for a new mum. Often, the focus is on the baby, not the mum, so this is the perfect way to put them focus on both of them, offering a gorgeous present that is very practical as well.

Plus, these matching robes do make for the perfect photos with your little mini me!


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