Music Box – Wooderful Life

When it comes to finding a present for a second/third/fourth baby, things can get tricky. And I should know – I have four nephews aged five and under! I often resort to buying clothes, as they have far too many toys floating around the house (and I mean FAR too many), and clothes wear out over time, making them a good thing to replace. Plus, it is always nice for the youngest to have something new. But then I came across the gorgeous music boxes from Wooderful Life Australia and I knew I had all future gift giving sorted.

These music boxes are honestly divine and they come in a large array of designs and colours. When we received ours, Cassie was onto it straight away, claiming it was hers. I had to tell her that this present was just for Vivi (a rarity in our house), and I turned on the music so she could watch. Cassie was transfixed watching it, and each morning she asks for it again and again – and is even happy not to touch (as she has been told a few times). Of course, it goes without saying that Vivi loves it too. Her face just lights up as it spins its way around.

There is the beautiful London scene, the gorgeous Ferris Wheel (by far one of my favourites), an orangutan, the cutest little cat orchestra, and even a beautiful fairy tale scene. Each box is so well crafted, with such intricate details and they are all entirely unique. They make the perfect baby shower present for the mum that already has everything, and they will be treasured for years. From baby showers to baptisms, I know a few babies who will be receiving one of these special numbers over the next few years.


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