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My Pen Pals – Educational Books

Cassie started preschool this year at her daycare. She has been at the same centre for a couple of years now and has moved up into the final room before heading off the school. It was a big move for her and has come with a bit of adjustment, but a couple of months in and she is thriving. In fact, she now comes home every day sharing games she played and things she has learned and we have struggled to keep up with those interests at home. My Pen Pals lets us help with her learning, without too much effort on our part, which is just perfect in our busy lives.

It started with Cassie coming home and counting her way up the stairs each night. She had started with numbers at daycare and wanted to learn more and more. She perfected 1-10 and then asked us to teach her up to twenty. Then she started pointing and recognising numbers when we were out and about.

It was the same with letters. She started off by sharing that ‘C’ is for Cassie, and then listing other words and making us tell her what they started with. Once again, she started noticing letters everywhere and trying to recognise them with our help.

While it was so great to watch her learning and see what she had picked up at preschool, Cassie wanted more and more, and we had no idea where to start. I wanted to encourage her love for learning letters and numbers, without turning home time into lessons. A friend showed me the amazing books from My Pen Pals and we were hooked.

We got their Pre-Writing Kit, Writing Kit and Maths Kit personalised for Cassie with her name and they were shipped out straight away – the service was just amazing. I flicked through each book straight away and was so happy to see so many great activities for Cassie. It wasn’t all just tracing letters and numbers: there are patterns to help them perfect the different pen strokes, there are plenty of pictures to keep things interesting with shapes to trace in them, there’s plenty of colour, there’s personalised pages to help them learn to right their name, there’s animals for them to trace and most importantly, there is so much guidance. Each activity is aimed at teaching them skill that they can develop to help them with their writing and math. One activity leads to the next, which makes your job so easy, helping them build on each skill in the process.

The kit comes with a set of pens that can be wiped off when you are done – this was one of Cassie’s favourite parts. I set her up with her first kit on a recent flight to Fiji and I let her go on her own. She went straight for the numbers book and without any instruction, started copying and tracing the number three, her favourite number (can you guess her age?). I was amazed at how well she did it, and we flicked through the rest of the book together.

pen pals

I let Cassie guide me in her learning, rather than the other way around, sharing what she wanted to do and the pages that interested her. Now we are back home, it is the perfect activity for us to sit and do together while her brother and sister sleep, combining that much-needed one-on-one time learning about things she is interested in.

I love that we can help extend on her learning, without having to hunt down activities for her. It is all bound together in these three amazing kits that can be used time and time again once they have been wiped clean.


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