Name Blanket – Innoah

We had grand plans about keeping the sex of baby number three a surprise. But when I went to my 14 week scan, there was no hiding the anatomy on the screen – despite the sonographer telling me it was too early to tell (I was only meant to be 13 weeks but was measuring ahead). I kept it a secret for another month before deciding it was time to find out and get organised properly. After two girls we were having a little boy!

One of the benefits of knowing the sex of your child is the organisation. I am an organiser. I was able to clear the girls clothes out, sort through boxes of boy clothes from friends and set up the room in preparation for his arrival. While I know all these things aren’t necessary and it’s lovely to keep the sex a secret – for me it was bliss being able to prepare. I knew once he entered our lives, time is something I would have very little of with three kids.

And of course, it meant finding the perfect name for him and finding the perfect way to share it with friends and family once he arrived. This name blanket from Innoah was just divine.

Getting it made was the first point meeting our little man felt really real during pregnancy. Even though we had decided on his name, getting a blanket printed with it on it seemed so much more final – and so much more exciting at the same time. I checked a few times to make sure we 100% sold and the spelling was right and I bit the bullet – and I am so glad I did.

The quality of the blanket is just stunning. It’s the perfect stretchy wrap which has been so easy for snuggling Elliot up into whether at home or in the pram and we get compliments on it everyday. It started from the moment he was born and we wrapped him up in the blanket for the announcement photo – the midwives all fell in love.

I have been asked so many times since where we got it from, and we will be getting so much more use out of this as the months go on – Elliot is a winter baby after all. The little matching beanie just completes the outfit as well, it is gorgeous.

The best part – this blanket will turn into a keepsake for Elliot that we will share with him when he is older. A little momento from those early days and something special that was made just for him.


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