Natural Play Dough Kit – Nestling and Nook

We love play dough in our house. Not just a little bit – a whole lot. Cassie would play with it every day if I let her (I have my limits!), but we store it in the cupboard for special days and it’s the perfect chance for a little one on one time together, as I always sit down with her to play it. I hate to admit it, but my own pet hate is mixing the colours – so we only ever buy one colour at once (I mean seriously, no one likes to play with grey play dough!). We simply pull out the box of cutters and are ready to go. Then we came across this gorgeous natural play dough kit from Nestling and Nook, and we both fell in love.

A little back story here – we have recently moved house and Cassie’ favourite thing to do is go on a ‘bushwalk’. There is a little track just down from our new place, and we collect leaves, gum nuts and anything else we find on our way. You can just imagine her delight when we opened this set from Nestling and Nook to find GIANT gum nuts for her to play with – along with so many other goodies.

As soon as we opened the pay dough jar we were greeted with the amazing smell of lavender. We spent our time smelling it together and sprinkling the lavender bits onto our fingers. The play dough itself is a gorgeous white colour with lavender bits mixed in – that’s right, no
mixing colours here! 

I simply let Cassie lead the play and she got into it straight away – constructing buildings with the sticks, rolling other objects and making patterns, playing with the mini stumps. She was so upset when it came time to pack away, and asks me for it daily.

The part I love the most is that it’s a play idea we can build on. Now each bushwalk we go on we bring back some of our own pieces to add to this natural play collection – it’s great fun for both of us. And the set comes with a gorgeous drawstring bag to store all the goodies. We have even been inspired to make our own play dough (much to Cassie’s delight).

You can check the sets out here

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