Playful by Nature – Natural Playdough Tool Kit

Reuben has recently taken an interest in being creative, whether it be drawing, colouring in our driveway with chalk, or playing with playdough. He had received a small tub of playdough in a party gift bag, and was always asking me to make snakes, fish and snails out of it. I realised we needed to get some more playdough and also some great tools, and that’s when I stumbled across Playful by Nature and their beautiful natural playdough tool kit. What a unique and beautiful take on playdough – made from all natural ingredients and the tools are natural or crafted from wood.

In the natural playdough tool kit you receive beautifully packaged in recycled materials the natural playdoughs, gumnuts, seed pods, 2 x indian block stamps, wooden rolling pin, and a bamboo knife. These are so much nicer than plastic cutters. The seed pods add texture and interest to the playdough, as does the wooden rolling pin which isn’t entirely smooth. The bamboo knife is smooth and safe for little hands to cut with, but very effective on the playdough. Reuben fell in love with the gumnuts and has been using them to make eyes on all his snakes, while the seed pods when rolled along the snakes add fabulous scales! 

The playdough itself is made in the traditional way with flour, salt and water, but what makes this different is that the flour is organic and I imagine super fine, meaning a very silky texture to the playdough, then Playful By Nature has added natural oils to scent the playdough and natural colours. So the yellow playdough is olive oil, lemon extract and turmeric for colour – it is bright and vibrant and so soft. The pink playdough is made with coconut oil and beetroot, and it feels amazing,

As a finishing touch a calico bag has been provided to store everything in at the end of play. I think this has gone to the top of my stocking filler list for Christmas, or birthday presents for 2-5 year olds. It is all made in the Blue Mountains, NSW and is just so unique and well made.


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